Benjamin Allmon is a freelance journalist who writes for national and international publications, including The Guardian, Voyeur Magazine, The Spectator, Opossum, Blank Magazine, Journeys Magazine, Jetstar Magazine, Outback Magazine, Stories of Music, Renaissance, Punchnel’s, Tincture Journal, The Writer and Aurealis to name a few.

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The anarchist bookstore and the Lodge: a parable

The Spectator Australia

The art of science

Outback Magazine

The Trade

RACT Journeys Magazine

Renaissance Magazine

Renaissance Magazine 

The Writer Magazine

A Short Walk through Music's Long History: Musicians on foot, past and present

Stories of Music

Grandparents: The Real GPS


The Edible Coast

Blank Magazine

There's an actual scientific reason kids are always asking "Are we there yet?


The '69 Exchange

The Tincture Journal